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Seating and Lounge

Chairs are more than just a place to sit — they define your space and impact how people function within it.

Club Chairs

Cozy and sturdy, these inviting armchairs are the first seats grabbed in any room. Though generally found in pairs, even a standalone club chair lends charm and comfort to a space without sacrificing style. Classic leather is the typical choice, but club chairs are available in modern fabrics and designs as well.

Lounge Chairs

Contemporary spaces need seating made specifically for relaxing. Enter the lounge chair: minimalist and designed in a reclining position — so no adjustment is necessary. Top quality lounge chairs also offer ergonomic support, in addition to cushioning.

Task Chairs

Sometimes called “steno chairs”, these are the prototypical office chair. Because people sit in them for a long time, working on a variety of tasks, comfort and advanced ergonomic support are key. Task chairs boast features conducive to work, like the ability to swivel or roll to a coworker’s workspace and options with and without arms.

Conference Chairs

Keep meeting attendees comfortable — but not so comfortable that they lose focus. Conference chairs afford a businesslike look that commands authority with features like fixed arms and casters. To limit distraction and maximize productivity, the only adjustable feature is usually chair height.

Stack Chairs

They’re lightweight, practical, and space-saving (because yes, they stack), but they don’t have to be austere. Trendy and functional styles of stack chairs are available, comprised of a variety of materials. In their most traditional form, an opening towards the bottom of the back increases air flow and enhances design.

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