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Healthcare Furniture

Functional furnishings that promote rest and recuperation — minus the sterile feel.

Footboards and Headboards

Keep beds safe — and aesthetically pleasing — with modern headboards and footboards. Some models will also include storage. Different heights and widths are available, as well as a range of finishes to suit your needs.

Overbed Tables

The moveable tray of the overbed table (which enables working or eating in bed) is usually connected via a metal arm to the wheeled base that rolls under the bed. Updated designs ensure that these useful pieces are not eyesores. Always make sure overbed tables include easy-to-adjust levers and locking mechanisms to ensure safety.

Nightstands + bedside tables

Nightstands are meant to be practical — but that doesn’t mean they can’t look good. Ideally, nightstands should match bed height and be no deeper than 24 inches, so they’re convenient without getting in the way.

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