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Conference and Huddle Rooms

Where there’s collaboration, there’s magic.
Find tables that will bring your team together.

Boat-shaped table

Modern and sleek, the rounded lines of boat-shaped tables increase seating capacity above traditional rectangular tables. The shape also makes the table more inviting without detracting from professionalism. The broader width in the middle of the table allows for better sightlines of presentations.

Rectangular table

Formal and classic, rectangular tables are the standard conference room choice, bringing an air of authority to any meeting or gathering. They’re available in a wide range of lengths to suit any room.

Race track table

These tables afford all the advantages of rectangular conference tables, with rounded edges that enable additional seating and a warmer atmosphere.

Round table

One key benefit of the round conference table is that everyone around the table can see each other. It’s also easy to pull up more chairs to accommodate more people, which makes for a more relaxed and collaborative atmosphere. Smaller round styles work particularly well in tight spaces.

Additional conference and huddle room options we can help you with:

Parsons tables

V shaped tables

D-top tables

Huddle Tables

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