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All the extras that make the room come together.

General office decor

Your employees spend a large chunk of their days in offices, so these spaces need to be warm and inviting! Bright and light decor helps boost creativity, productivity, and work satisfaction. Our partner designers can help achieve a unified, balanced theme with colors and decor elements that flow within the space.

Power and cable management

When the wires and cables that run our world get tangled or twisted, they’re an eyesore and a safety hazard. Organization solutions — including color-coded identifiers, wraps, ties, and clips — save time in the long-run and make electronics easier to use.

Task lighting

These high-impact, focused light sources make it easier to get the job done, especially when working with small objects or very fine-tuned tasks. Adjustable task lamps can be mounted on walls for convenience and safety (no chance of tipping over). Task lighting done right also leads to significant energy cost savings.

Additional accessories we can help you with:


Organization Tools


Chair & anti-fatigue mats

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